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MA Candidacy Review 

A message of utter importance that today’s Generation-z are going through, is the struggle to cope with anxiety and stress.

My role: Concept Designer 

Timeline: 2 Weeks


The intention of the project was to portray a very strong message through a very subtle day-to-day common object. A message of utter importance that today’s Generation-z are going through is the struggle to cope with anxiety and stress.


Stress about starting a new life, embarking on a strong career, staying away from family, or even getting married.

There are tons of other such underlying reasons that can be named on and on. It is important for this generation to realize that any kind of stress and anxiety needs to be taken care of quickly through a certain process and in a healthy fashion.


To do so, I identified a day-to-day common object that is present in almost every household, A Blind. 

The reason for doing so is that when I’m providing a solution for a problem and portraying the message using a common object, it helps in building better recall and association.

Audience: Age: 21 - 26 years old.

People of this age. This is a very dynamic age with less experience. The brain is still young and fresh; this can be molded in different ways. The brain is adaptable to circumstances.


Due to inexperience, there is a lot of social pressure that builds up inside the head. A lot of major life decisions are dependent on this time period, like career, marriage, etc. 

Because the brain is still young and adaptable, it is prone to dwindle between extremities. These extremities could both be good and bad, but anxiousness and over anticipation often make the brain go into a negative zone. 

People of this age range are mostly traveling and away from their families for staying alone where they don’t find a proper outlet to went out their emotions in a healthy manner. 

In such situations trying to cope with all these anxious thoughts, they succumb to unnatural processes like alcohol and drugs. Even those who do not indulge in these activities are often low on sleep, high on caffeine, and have a disturbed schedule. 

All these instances act as a catalyst for their anxiety and depression. People of this age have a lot of multitasking to do in terms of making strong life decisions, and in most cases, people often find it difficult and almost impossible to manage themselves. 




Thank-you for your time! 

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