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Working Parents Guide (WPG)

SCADpro Wellness Challenge

Wellness Challenge:

HMW provides relief to working parents who are tremendously stressed due to now being both full-time parents and full-time employees? 

My role: User Experience Designer 

Timeline: 48-hours

Thank-you for your time! 

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How might we provide relief to working parents who are tremendously stressed due to now being both full-time parents and full-time employees?


WPG customizes meal planning based on your personal preferences and schedule. The app customizes your experience based on your preferences and settings, such as how many kids you have, who cooks in the house, when you go grocery shopping, etc. Besides, since it is sunk into your calendar, the app can help you plan meals and grocery shopping days.


The app also has access to our kitchen, pantry, and general household goods inventory. This means it automatically accesses what you previously purchased at the grocery store through AI, but you can also scan barcodes of products you currently have in the home. Since the AI has full access to your time availability foods at home, it will notify you to provide you with ready-to-go recipes that perfectly fit into your schedule. Finally, to make it personal, WPG also offers a diary function, so you can tell us about the problems your partner doesn't want to hear.

My Responsibilities: 

I was responsible for establishing visual design and developing a working prototype for our MVP solution within 20 hours. Also, spearheaded action plans and scheduled quick interview sessions with participants for researchers.


I started the ideation process by reviewing the research provided by UX Researchers. I leveraged Zoom to conduct quick usability testing sessions with participants (working parents). I worked back-forth with the industry mentor on visual design (low/high fidelity prototypes) and made changes based on the feedback provided. In addition, with the assistance of the Phillips Mentor, I pulled together the final presentation deck for our pitch.

Industry: Healthcare
Software: Adobe: Illustrator, Xd, Figma, Keynote, Miro, Zoom
Collaborated with: 4 Students: UX Researchers, Strategist, Industry Mentor from Industry Phillips

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