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Bahco Tool x Snap-On

Snap-On  x  SCADpro 


Snap-On tasked the SCADpro team to research and develop a new saddlebag, thru-axle, torque wrench, tool-bag, t-handle, CO2 canister, tire-lever, and multi-tool for the brand’s professional cycling tools collection.

With innovation as the collective aim, the team researched and designed a new set of professional cycling tools and a responsive website inspired by human-centered design to provide users with a holistic experience. The website showcases the process of innovation of cycling tools from the scratch..


Style Guide

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I was responsible for establishing visual brand guidelines for the project, which industrial designers further used for developing the cycling tools. I was also responsible for developing a uniform visual and verbal design system that could be applied to cyclic tools, a responsive website, and a physical process book. Later, I worked on designing a responsive website that showcases the development process of creating tools from the ground up.

My Role


10 Weeks (Sep 2020 – Nov 2020)

Adobe: Illustrator, Photoshop, Xd, Indesign, Keynote, Miro, Editor X, Slack, Zoom


17 Students: Project Manager, Industrial Designers,

UX Researchers

Collaborated with

I conducted initial research on Snap-on’s current website to understand its visual brand guidelines and design system. To create an end-to-end design language, I analyzed different existing design systems like Google Materials - Google, Edison Design System - GE Healthcare, and Fluent Design System - Microsoft.


Also, I collaborated with UX researchers to synthesize all the primary and secondary research into an affinity map that helped us build personas, empathy maps, journey maps, information architecture, and prototyping. In the finalstage, I did user testing of the new website across the web and mobile screens with Snap-on’s UX Team.



Primary Color


Secondary Colors




UI Elements

Visual Style Guide

Thank-you for your time! 🥳


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